Mission Statement

The purpose of the Tennessee District Exchange Club is to promote the best interests, growth and financial strength of the District, and the Clubs therein, through Leadership Development and Exchange Education.

NationalĀ Convention

Come to Reno, Nevada, for the 100th National Convention and 35rd Symposium, Detail coming soon!

How We Will Do Business

We will operate in the best interests of our membership and the members of the communities in which they serve by making available personal development, communication and motivation for every Exchangite within the Tennessee District.

Operating Values

People: People are the source of our strength. They will provide the intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality as Exchangites.
Integrity: The conduct of the Tennessee District Exchange Clubs will be pursued in a manner that is socially responsible and commands respect.
Excellence: Continuous improvement is essential to our success. The District will strive for excellence in everything we do.
Service: Serving the community through our membership is the primary focus of Exchange.
Quality: Quality in everything we do will be our number one focus. Our programs and services will reflect the very best of our efforts and the manner in which we hold in regard the communities in which we operate